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Disk Quota Information


Quotas are enforced on home and project directories to manage storage resources effectively.

Home and Project Directory Quotas

  • Home Directories: Each user is allocated a standard quota of 100 GB.
  • Project Directories: Projects are allocated a default of 1 TB, with the option to request increases.

Quota Enforcement

  • Soft Limits: Users can temporarily exceed their allocated quotas to avoid disrupting running jobs.
  • Grace Period: Users have a two-week period to manage and reduce their data usage back within quota limits after exceeding the soft limit.
  • Hard Limits: Persistent excess use beyond the grace period will result in write restrictions, preventing new data from being saved until the usage is reduced.

Quota Table

Filesystem Location Soft Limit Hard Limit
Home /home/<username> 100 GB 1 TB
Project /lcrc/project/<project_name> 1+ TB 2+ TB
Group /lcrc/group/<group_name> No quotas No quotas

Checking Your Quota

To view your current quota usage, use the command lcrc-quota.

$ lcrc-quota

Home                          Current Usage   Space Avail    Quota Limit    Grace Time
UserX                         113 GB         -13 GB         100 GB         8 days
Project                       Current Usage   Space Avail    Quota Limit    Grace Time
ImprovAcceptance                    0 GB        1024 GB        1024 GB
lcrc-app-engr                   11231 GB        9248 GB       20480 GB
mcnp_software                       1 GB        1023 GB        1024 GB
support                          6442 GB        3781 GB       10240 GB

Requesting Additional Storage

Eligibility: Only available for project directories.


  1. Visit
  2. Under Owned projects, select the project requiring more storage.
  3. Input the desired storage amount in TB in the Storage (TB) field.
  4. Provide a justification under Storage Justification.
  5. Save changes to submit your request for review.

Over-Quota Management

If your home directory is over quota, consider deleting unnecessary files or moving data to project or group directories.