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Data Policy

Use of Proprietary/Licensed Software

All software used on LCRC systems must be appropriately acquired and used according to the licensing agreements. Possession or use of illegally copied software is prohibited. Users shall not copy copyrighted software, unless explicitly permitted by the copyright holder(s). Export-controlled codes and/or data is prohibited unless an exception has been applied for and granted by the LCRC team. Users granted access to controlled projects must only work with the controlled codes and data in the project space made available for this purpose, and not in any shared spaces such as global scratch or temporary spaces.

Prohibited Data

The LCRC computer systems are operated as research systems and contain only data related to scientific research. Use of LCRC resources to store, manipulate, or remotely access any sensitive or national security information is prohibited unless documented and approved, by the PI and LCRC leadership. This includes, but is not limited to, personally identifiable information (data that falls under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. 552a), controlled unclassified information (CUI) to include unclassified controlled nuclear information (UCNI), naval nuclear propulsion information (NNPI), International Traffic in Arms Relations (ITAR), the design or development of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons, or any weapons of mass destruction. The use of LCRC resources for personal or non-work-related activities is also prohibited.

Export Control

All principal investigators using LCRC resources and LCRC staff members working with project teams are responsible for knowing whether their project generates any of these prohibited data types or information that falls under Export Control. For questions, contact the LCRC Support Team at

Data Storage Systems

Data stored on LCRC resources should only be data directly related to work done on the LCRC systems. Currently, users have access to two storage spaces (1) home file system space (2) project space. The ability for projects to archive data to tape will also be available soon.

The home file system space for each user is primarily intended to hold source codes, executable files, configuration files and other such files and is currently 100 GB. Beyond this 100 GB limit, write-access is denied and data will need to be deleted or moved to continue writes. All home directories are initially created with owner read/write/execute privileges. Users are free to give read/execute privileges to group/world if they desire on their own home directory. Group/world write access on home directories is prohibited. LCRC is not responsible for any access granted by the user beyond the defaults set at creation time. We recommend reviewing your home directory permissions at regular intervals.

Data files from simulations should be stored in the project space allocated to each project. Each project is allocated 1 TB of space. PIs can request additional space with proper justification to LCRC. Each application is carefully reviewed by the LCRC team to determine if additional storage space is justified. It must be emphasized that the project space is shared between all members of a project. The project PIs should ensure that individual members of the project manage their simulation data files in order to not exceed the allocated storage space. LCRC has a soft limit of 1 TB and a hard limit of 2 TB. These limits imply that the system will allow a project to exceed the nominal soft limit of 1 TB but not the hard limit of 2 TB for 14 days. These flexible storage limits allows projects to complete simulations that might require higher storage for a period of 14 days without stopping an on-going simulation. However, no further writes are allowed after the project reaches the hard limit of 2 TB or is above the 1 TB limit beyond the 14-day period.

When LCRC moves to a new shared storage system (roughly every 5-7 years) and if you have condo storage paid for on the old system, we have a couple of options. If your existing storage amounts to less than 50 terabytes, we will move your data over to the new storage for free, and there is no future charge. Otherwise, the lifetime of your purchased storage is 5 years after we first made the space available to the group. This may overlap the new storage availability. At the end of your 5 years, and if we have changed storage systems in the interim, your space reverts to the general pool (with advanced notice). Of course, you can buy new space to replace it if this is an option at the time.

Backups/Tape Archiving

Please see our storage writeup for complete details on our backup and archive solution.

Storage policy for ex-project members

Students, post-docs and Argonne staff members are encouraged to manage their home file systems and data files before their final departure day from Argonne. Please contact the support team at LCRC if you are unable to to do.