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Accounts and Access

For Current Argonne Employees

  1. Existing Argonne Domain Account

    • If you have an active badge, you likely have an account. It's the same account used for Argonne email and other apps.
    • If you don't have an account or forgot your credentials, contact [email protected] or call the Argonne Service Desk at (630) 252-9999.
    • LCRC support cannot directly address issues with your Argonne account.
  2. Accessing LCRC Clusters:

    • Go to and log in with your Argonne credentials.
    • Select Join Project on the left side.
    • Search for the lcrc project and request membership.
    • Instant membership for Argonne employees.
    • You'll receive an email confirming LCRC access.
  3. Final Steps:

    • Add a public SSH key (Instructions).
    • Once the key is added, you can log in to the LCRC clusters.

For Non-Employees/Outside Collaborators

  1. Argonne Collaborator Account:

    • Apply at
    • Requires official Argonne email address of your sponsor (must be an Argonne employee).
    • Accounts are annual and renewable.
    • Non-US citizens may experience a waiting period before approval.
    • Upon approval, you'll receive an email notification.
    • Sponsors can check account status at Cyber Gate Pass.
  2. Accessing LCRC Clusters:

    • Join an existing LCRC project.
    • Log in at using your Argonne Collaborator credentials.
    • Click Join Project and search for the project indicated by your sponsor.
    • Request membership and await approval from your sponsor or the project owner.
    • Upon approval, you'll be added to the LCRC project and receive a home directory on the LCRC clusters.
  3. Final Steps:

    • Add a public SSH key (Instructions).
    • Once the key is added, you can log in to the LCRC clusters.

Managing Argonne Collaborator Accounts

Extend or Reactivate Collaborator Accounts

If an account is set to expire soon:

  • Users: Contact your Argonne sponsor to request an extension.
  • Argonne Sponsors: Have your division HR representative update the end date in Workday and ensure the job profile is "Outside Collaborator."

If an account has already expired:

LCRC Access Post-Argonne Appointment

Transitioning to an External Collaborator:

  • Apply for an Argonne Collaborator account using your sponsor's Argonne email address after your appointment ends.
  • Cannot apply while the current Argonne appointment is active.
  • If approved within 90 days of appointment expiration, contact LCRC support with old and new usernames for assistance in data access.

Changes to Your Argonne Username

If your Argonne username changes:

  • Contact LCRC support with both your old and new usernames to update your user information on LCRC's end.