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Bebop Hardware Overview

Bebop has 1,024 compute nodes with Intel Broadwell and Knights Landing (KNL) processors. Broadwell nodes have DDR4 memory while KNL have DDR4 and MCDRAM on each node. 128 nodes have a 4TB HDD for scratch disk. The high-performance interconnect is Intel Omni-Path (OPA) 100G. There are 12 OPA connections to LCRC’s existing data storage system so you will have access to all of the same files between LCRC clusters.

Bebop Compute Nodes

672 Broadwell Nodes

Bebop Broadwell Description Per Node Aggregate
Processor Intel Xeon E5-2695v4 2 Sockets 1,344
Cores/Threads 18 Cores/1 Thread per core 36 24,192/24,192
Memory DDR4 128 GiB 86,016 GiB
Local SSD 4 TB (Nodes bdwd-[0001-0064]) 1 256 TB

352 Knights Landing (KNL) Nodes

Bebop KNL Description Per Node Aggregate
Processor Intel Xeon Phi 7230 1 Sockets 352
Cores/Threads 64 Cores/4 Threads per core 64 22,528/90,112
Memory DDR4/MCDRAM 96 GiB/16 GiB 33,792 GiB/5,632 GiB
Local SSD 4 TB (Nodes knld-[0001-0064]) 1 256 TB

Bebop Login Nodes

There are four login nodes available to users for editing code, building code, submitting/monitoring jobs, checking usage (lcrc-sbank), etc. Their full hostnames are for N equal to 1 through 4. The login nodes hardware is identical to the compute nodes. The various compilers and libraries are present on the logins, so most users should be able to build their code. All users share the same login nodes so please be courteous and respectful of your fellow users. For example, please do not run computationally or IO intensive pre- or post-processing on the logins and keep the parallelism of your builds to a reasonable level.